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Hyperlinks to other sites that are somehow related to this site. Including sites about controllers, communities and related projects. is the online community driven by Matt Moldover, pioneer in the realms of MIDI based live audio performances. contains all kind of Controllerism / Digital DJing news as well as a related online community, driven by Vestax VCI-100 evangelist Ean Golden.

The MidiGun is a novelty MIDI controller from germany, containing tons of controls on a gun-shaped controller. is home of the experimental Stribe controller as well as a blog about all kind of experimental music stuff, odds and ends.
The Teenage Engineering OP-1 is still work in progress. A small USB controller with 4 encoders, 16 dedicated quick keys and a 25 key keyboard. And it's a stand-alone synthesizer, too.
Youtube user 4pole lowpass shows, how a Wacom tablet can be used as a midi controller. His approach sounds somewhat similar to a Thermin.

The "Cafe Trauma" is a local pub here in Korneuburg / Austria with all kind of electronic gizmos (fully automated Multimedia system, drink exchange, free Wi-Fi hot-spot, etc.) and fun events. (german site)

Other projects
The KO2100 Korneuburg Community is my shot in bringing people from the district Korneuburg / Austria closer together. With current articles as well as community based calendar, forums and other things. (german site)
My fully automated news aggregator. Collects news, things about sports, culture, jobs and real estates from dozens of sites in Korneuburg / Austria. (german site)


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