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It took me some 15 years to get from "I want to have two turntables and a mixer" to creating this site about my digital DJing efforts. Happy about you visiting!

Welcome to my new site

It took a while, until computer based DJing was ready for primetime. I still remember dreaming about buying myself two Technics 1210 and a Pioneer mixer, must have been around 1992 or so. After finally having done that I bought a heap of Vinyls to go with them. And figured out: It's fun but I'm way to lazy to play around with that for an extended period of time. Vinyls take up space and are heavy, too, shopping them can be very expensive if you collect them like I do.

Later, the CDJs appeared, but I wasn't really impressed. Nice tool for "real" DJs, but not for an enthusiast like I am. Still a lot of media needed, I was already used to having all of my music on my harddrive. Then the "I-Pod" revolution started, finally people all around got used to digital music in files.

Digital DJing

Now, we're in "era 3", the time of the digital DJs who can buy tons of fresh music online in dedicated web shops. Instead of schlepping around Vinyls or CDs, people schlepp around their Notebooks, together with an external soundcard and heaps of controllers -- much easier :-)

Well, not all of them. Some simply take their Notebooks, maybe an controller to go with it and enjoy the freedom of digital DJing. No longer do you carry around your media, just to figure out that the one song you want to play stayed at home. But instead, you have thousands of songs at the click of a mouse button.

That's what this site is about -- my experiences with playing around with digital DJing tools like Traktor Pro, my Novation MIDI controller or even my X-Arcade joystick, which can be used for digital DJing, too.


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